Minimum environmental criteria

minimum environmental criteria

Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM in Italian) are environmental requirements related to the different stages of the purchasing process, aimed at finding the best design solution, products and services from an environmental point of view. The purpose of these requirements, which are applied to public procurement competitions, is to reduce the environmental impact by selecting materials and services during their entire lifecycle.

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It is necessary to provide specific information on products emissivity and verify the compliance with specified criteria by means of technical documents that must be presented to the contracting authority during the execution phase in the manner indicated by the relevant specifications. Emission assessment must be carried out according to CEN/TS 16516 or UNI EN ISO 16000-9.

VOC-free powder coatings have been tested for VOC emissions according to ISO 16000 and IAC GOLD standards.

The results achieved certify that finishes are in compliance with the requirements set by the minimum environmental criteria. In particular, all the values shown correspond to and comply with A+ class established by the French legislation.

finiture alluminio voc free, verniciatura alluminio voc free

VOC free

Low-emitting products: compliant with LEED V4, BREEAM, FRENCH VOC REGULATION.

verniciatura alluminio chrome free, finiture alluminio chrome free

Chrome free

We help to increase the quality of human life by using the chrome free technology in the pre-treatment phase.

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Scarico zero

We have reduced the environmental impact of our production thanks to a total recycling process of all the powders and products.

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