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WELL® protocol, managed by the “International WELL Building Institute” (IWBI), is focused on health and mental wellbeing of those who occupy a built space. This system seeks to measure, certify and monitor all those building features that can compromise occupants’ health and wellness.
The adoption of this protocol enhances productivity and social responsibility, perceived by the company and the market.

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WELL® requires the reduction of VOC emissions in the air, released by paintings and indoor finishes. Requirements based on American standards are equivalent to those of LEED® and BREEAM®.

VOC-free powder coatings have been tested for VOC emissions according to ISO 16000 and IAC GOLD standards. The results achieved in accordance with the above-mentioned standards meet Well® certification requirements on VOC limits of paints and indoor coatings and can obtain credits related to “Interior Paints and Coatings” category

Credit WELL®: up to 2 points

finiture alluminio voc free, verniciatura alluminio voc free

VOC free

Low-emitting products: compliant with LEED V4, BREEAM, FRENCH VOC REGULATION.


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Chrome free

We help to increase the quality of human life by using the chrome free technology in the pre-treatment phase.

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Scarico zero

We have reduced the environmental impact of our production thanks to a total recycling process of all the powders and products.

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