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LEED® is the most widely used green building rating system in the world, being applied on voluntary basis in more than 150 countries. It certifies the energy and sustainability performances of buildings. Assessment includes several factors like water and energy savings, reduction of CO2 emissions, improvement of indoor environmental quality, materials used, accessibility to the site and so on.

sustainability, leed requirements, indoor air quality assessment

The aim is to reduce the concentration of chemical contaminants which may damage air quality, human health, productivity as well as environment.

Credit is mainly focused on volatile organic compounds (VOC) content of materials, VOC emissions in indoor air and also on test methods used to assess emissions (CDPH Standard Method, AgBB/DIBt and ISO 16000 for EU countries). Materials have to meet requirements in order to pursue credits


VOC-free powder coatings have been tested for VOC emissions according to ISO 16000 and IAC GOLD standards. The results achieved certify that finishes meet LEED v4 requirements. Moreover, as stated by French legislation concerning VOC emissions, Decoral Group and VIV Group products fall into A+ category.

Credit LEED®: credit up to 2 points

Green vision: no waste, low emissions

High quality certified

finiture alluminio voc free, verniciatura alluminio voc free

VOC free

Low-emitting products: compliant with LEED V4, BREEAM, FRENCH VOC REGULATION.


verniciatura alluminio chrome free, finiture alluminio chrome free

Chrome free

We help to increase the quality of human life by using the chrome free technology in the pre-treatment phase.

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Scarico zero

We have reduced the environmental impact of our production thanks to a total recycling process of all the powders and products.

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