Palazzo Nuovo

The energy policy and planning of the University of Turin is based on cost avoidance and alternative energy sources. Considering the strong visibility of the building as well as the technological content, Palazzo Nuovo intervention is part of the strategic projects of the University and the City of Turin.

Palazzo Nuovo, built when the energy was low cost, has a low-performance envelope and is little appreciated by occupants and citizens, even if it is a highly-visible representative building in the city centre.
Therefore, its conversion into an eco-friendly structure has a strong symbolic value and visibility, since it is technically feasible and is simplified by the original steel construction.
The project has combined the architectural redevelopment, the energetic improvement and the strategic visibility of a building which can easily become a symbol of change and innovation because of its location and function. Energy-saving technologies as well as sustainable energy sources (solar thermal panels, roof gardens, photovoltaic façades and rainwater recovery system) have been installed.

The double skin façade with thermally broken aluminium panels and integrated blinds gives a modern touch to the building while keeping its original structure. Decoral® Group played a fundamental role, coating with its powders the façade units and completely satisfying the designer requests.

Location: Turin, Italy
Anno: 2013

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