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Northshore Plaza, the brand-new shopping centre in Singapore featuring Decoral’s woodgrain aluminium elements, has just opened.

The Northshore Plaza, with its shopping mall, shopping streets and parks, is a new-generation building that acts as a link between the residential blocks, the Samudera LRT station and the sea.

Decoral’s cladding, made of wood-look aluminium panels, fits perfectly into the surrounding natural environment. It overlooks the Singapore sea and it offers a comfortable and sheltered access to the waterfront through a green corridor that extends to the Punggol Promenade.

Wood-effect aluminium cladding

The mall hosts a supermarket, a food court, restaurants, eateries, shops and a childcare centre. It is surrounded by the greenery that decorates the entire space, and it is covered by Decoral woodgrain aluminium panels which recall the colours of the barks and trunks.

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Duty meets pleasure. The act of walking is no longer exclusively linked to shopping or simply to passing through, but takes on a new, broader meaning.

Northshore Plaza applications

Both external and internal cladding is made of aluminium. In addition to the façade, the sunshades, windows and doors are all decorated with woodgrain finishes.


This solution strongly reduces maintenance costs. In fact, aluminium does not require special care, and it is suitable for being decorated with Decoral powder coating, keeping its features over time.

As already mentioned, this material was chosen also to protect the structure from the sun. This clearly reduces energy consumption.

Feeling close to nature

Woodgrain aluminium panels make you feel close to nature, and they are more durable than real wood.

The application in the pictures below, which recalls a bay window, opens outward and leads to a greater inflow of light inside the building.



The Northshore Plaza is located in the heart of the Northshore District in Punggol Eco-Town at block 407 and 418 Northshore Drive, Singapore.

The Northshore Plaza I shops opened on the 29th October 2021, while the Northshore Plaza II stores opened at the end of January 2022.

Here is the link to the official website.


Wood-effect sublimation

We are specialized in the sublimation process. We patented this technology in 1995 and we have been developing it ever since. Technology changes and evolves, while the woodgrain finishes we apply on aluminium surfaces remain the same over time.

Woodgrain finishes can be used on any architectural and design element (windows and doors, furniture,sunshades). Their durability is unrivalled.



Why choose Decoral finishes?

Our finishes for aluminium or other metals are VOC free and certified.

Discover what you can do with our products. Write us!

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