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Lingotto, the iconic Fiat building in Turin, today hosts different spaces including a convention hall. Decoral took part in the renovation project by powder coating the ceiling baffles and signs profiles

Built to house Fiat car factory, then renewed by Renzo Piano and now refurbished again with also the intervention of Decoral. Lingotto, a symbolic place in Turin, nowadays hosts the Convention Center, not to be mistaken for the neighboring Lingotto exhibition space.

Part of the renovation, which is still in progress, started this year and involves the entrance staircase that takes to the commercial gallery and the Lingotto office hub.

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vista frontale con rampe parallele esterne per accesso museo

Finishes on aluminium

Andalusia and Antico Bistrot, the colors chosen for the project, recall those of the original building. The two colors correspond to corten and bronze effects, respectively.

Location: Turin

Year of completion: 2022

Finishes: Antico Bistrot, Andalusia

Metal sheet supplier: Lamex

Powder coating applicator: Verniciatura Industriale Veneta

Lingotto History

The construction of the building started in 1915, when the First World War erupted, and was completed in 1930, during the Second World War, a period in which it was bombed repeatedly.  The story of Lingotto is definitely a troubled one, but what makes it so unforgettable is that it housed Fiat car factory.

Designed according to the principle of functionality and built using innovative construction techniques modeled after similar factories of the time, the Lingotto of Turin has been the hub of Fiat’s activities until 1982.

lingotto torino, storia
lingotto, torino, storia, decoral

In 1985, Renzo Piano was engaged in a complete renovation of the disused building. He created an exhibition center, a convention hall, an auditorium, two hotels, a service center, various executive offices, and an area devoted entirely to shopping, with stores, bars, restaurants and cinemas. The symbol of this renovation is the so-called "Bubble," a 25-seat panoramic meeting room in steel and crystal from where it’s possible to admire the Alps and the Lingotto parabolic track.

Decoral Intervention

Decoral Group powder coated the aluminium extruded elements in the entrance staircase using Andalusia finish, while on the press formed profiles of the ceiling it applied the Antico Bistrot finish.

These two finishes of New Urban Design collection correspond to corten and bronze effects, respectively.

lingotto torino, decoral
lingotto torino, decoral, verniciatura

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