La casa tra gli alberi

The project involved the redevelopment and transformation of a low construction into a residential building.
The flat-roofed house with private courtyard, located in a traditional block in the city of Turin, has nothing to do with the rest of the urban fabric. It is surrounded by several buildings of different heights and types in San Salvario district.

The owners desire was to create a sunny space connected with the outside.
The existing structure was demolished and rebuilt. The new house was built around a courtyard and a patio, realized through demolition of the incongruous parts, construction of a new section in the northern side and of a blind wall on the property’s boundaries.
All the rooms overlook the inner courtyard, which is the core of the intervention. Large sliding doors connect the living area to the patio, a kind of open-air room.
The glass doors get more natural light into the house during winter and, in the summer, when they are completely opened, they expand the living space, connecting inside and outside.
The flat roof of the original building and the new section was transformed into a garden and a terrace to exploit all the available outdoor space.
The skylights provide natural light even in bad weather conditions as well as nice views of the sky.

The greenery is an integral part of the architecture. Ten plants and about 160 m2 of grass adorn the courtyard, the patio and the roof. The house is surrounded by nature, which offers visual and thermal comfort.

The trees create shade during summer and, after losing their leaves, they let sunlight in during the darker months. The low building and its courtyard have been converted into a house in the trees, satisfying the owners but also the occupants of the surrounding buildings.

Location: Turin, Italia

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