Architect Delli Gatti's house

casa architetto delli gatti

The house of Architect Delli Gatti, in the outskirts of Turin, features white walls and metal components powder coated with a rust-look finish

Location: Settimo Torinese

Completion year: 2020

Finishes: VIV 3342 (marrone ruggine)

Applicator: Viv Decoral Piemonte

Metal elements painted with rust effect

Copper, brass, corten, rust. At first glance, the dark brown finish of Architect Angelo Delli Gatti's house in Settimo Torinese might be difficult to recognize. We identified this shade, with which we powder coated the building's metal facade elements, as "rust-look".

The dark brown finish, that is in contrast with the pure white and light blue of the house's perimeter walls, enhances the different colour shades.

casa delli gatti, architetto, settimo torinese
casa delli gatti, architetto

In order to achieve colour continuity, the rust finish was applied to the alumium profiles, sunshades and shutters. The finish we used is VIV 3342 of our “Marbles, Metals, Textures” collection, which corresponds to rust look.

casa delli gatti, architetto

Such rust effect was chosen from a wide range of powder coated finishes and decorative patterns obtained through sublimation. This finish is not uniform but has some “patches”, peculiar also to the corten effect, of which you can find all the possible shades here.

The house of Architect Angelo Delli Gatti was completed in 2020.

VOC-Free Powder coating

Rust-look powder coat finishes for aluminium are VOC Free, meaning that they do not emit volatile organic compounds. The environmental and ecological impact is also reduced during the application process thanks to reclaimed over-sprayed powders.

delli gatti, settimo torinese
delli gatti, decoral

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