Nuvola Lavazza HQ

Lavazza, a historical company in Turin, has placed its new headquarter in the former industrial area of Enel: the redevelopment involved a huge abandoned area in the centre of Turin embracing an entire city block of 30,000 m2 covered with restored as well as new buildings. The project, designed by Cino Zucchi Architects, includes the new office centre and the restoration of two preexisting industrial facilities: in the first one are now located the company museum and archive while in the other one there are a meeting centre and a design school.

The main building is made of reinforced concrete: six floors that, in the middle part, lean on circular pillars with a diametre of 50 cm.
The building envelope, a key element of the project, is composed by a unitized curtain wall system with vision-type glass ribbon windows and spandrel panels. This system consists of a bespoke aluminium grid of mullions and transoms, where the glazed units are fixed to a 50 mm frame which is not visible from the outside. The load-bearing structure including mullions and transoms is designed to meet the static needs of the building. The frame of the new Lavazza building façade was prefabricated in factory and assembled on site so as to control the overall execution.

The façade consists of 1400 units, 1200 of which are different from each other.
The two metal surface finishes, a fundamental part of this architectural project customized by Decoral® Group as indicated by the designer Cino Zucchi, are aimed at creating an incredible chromatic effect: the alternation of rust and bronze colors makes Nuvola Lavazza unique.

Location: Turin, Italy
Year: 2018
Finishes: 9007 C QC1, Bronzo Lavazza QC1, Ruggine Lavazza QC1
Coating powder: Gi Color

Designer: CZA Cino Zucchi Architects

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