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Since 1974 we create attractive and practical surface finishes for profiles and small metal parts in aluminium and its alloys: internal quality management system.

Bathroom fittings, home furniture, lighting engineering, automotive, railway, building, mechanical machine shops, mechanics, leather goods, medical / hospital, orthopaedic, sports equipment, recreation / sports, optical, industrial.

Anodic oxidation

Decoral Group works in the anodic oxidation sector, diversifying its operations in all industrial sectors requiring surface treatments for aesthetic/decorative or productive purposes. In anodic oxidation, surface finishes play a very important aesthetic role.

Oxidation is performed in three galvanic baths: the maximum length of profiles is 3800 mm.

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Colour samples

Our division

Plants for anodic oxidation, brightening and polishing treatments

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Following the anodic oxidation phase, we propose a series of colours which when combined with finishes, can be personalised in an endless number of ways.

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