It is based on the physical-chemical process of Sublimation, which is the direct conversion of a substance from the solid to the gaseous state.
The raw materials used for manufacturing Powders and Films are produced according to international standards.
All treatments prior to coating must include a phase of attack on aluminum. Such attack consists of one or more phases, the last of which, made before chemical conversion, must be acid.

Polyurethane coating Powders are Qualicoat approved. Pre-treatment and coating are undertaken by Verniciatura Industriale Veneta spa (Qualicoat licence no. 704).

The sublimation film, printed with special inks, must adhere perfectly to the coated substrate that should be decorated. Moreover, the temperature must reach 195-210° C.

Decoral System®

Decoral System® produces and sells polyurethane coating Powders and heat transfer Films. Combining them, it is possible to obtain a huge number of patterns. All Decoral® System raw materials undergo a large number of strict and selective quality checks that ensure consistent quality, which is typical of the finished products manufactured by Decoral®.

Polyurethanic Decoral coating

Thanks to the powder coating process, it is possible to get Polyurethanic Decoral® Coating finish in various colours (RAL, NCS, Pantone, sample matching). The production cycle consists of a number of specific pre-treatments, followed by coating with special polyurethane Powders (Decoral System polyurethane powder coating). The Powders used comply with the requirements of Qualicoat international specification with approvals P-0506, P-0617, P-0832 and P-0865.


Sublimatic Decoral® effect

The wood finish Sublimatic Decoral® Effect is obtained through the sublimation process. The production cycle is divided into several steps, including coating with special polyurethane Powders (Decoral System polyurethane powder coating) and heat transfer, which requires sublimation Films (Decoral System heat transfer films). Such Films are a faithful reproduction of real wood, stones, marble and fantasy.

Decoration and sublimation on metals

Wood effect, marble and custom design

Wood effect: Rovere serie Gold

Wood effect: Rovere serie Gold

Wood effect: Ciliegio serie Gold

Marble effect: serie Gold

Marble effect: serie Gold

Rust effect: serie Gold

Marine Equipment Directive.

Certificates MED

Polyurethanic Decoral Coating and Sublimatic Decoral Effect are compliant with Marine Equipment Directive..

Frequently Asked Question


Decoral® process is a patented process for DECORating Aluminium. It is based on the physical-chemical process of Sublimation, which is the direct transition of a substance from the solid to the gaseous state. Such technology is also named Heat-Transfer Process.

The Decoral® process can be extended to other materials (metal, glass, plastic, ceramic), the basic requirement being that these materials can resist a temperature of 200° C for about 10 minutes with no deformation. Through Decoral® process countless effects and patterns such as woodgrain, marble, granite, fancies, pictures can be transferred on different surfaces.

Decoral System® was the first Company worldwide to use the Heat-transfer process on aluminium extrusions and laminates in the architectural field.

Self-certification finishings


Certified finishings comply with the extremely strict requirements of QUALIDECO CLASS 2
specifications, requirements that no other producer in the world can meet.

Where we are in the world

Our products, know-how and technology are available worldwide:
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